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The mission of Arem Nutritionals is to provide a comprehensive, well balanced supplement program as well as nutritional products for thyroid patients to optimize their thyroid wellness and overcome their weight gain struggle. Our products have been developed by Dr. Ridha Arem, a world-renowned thyroid and metabolism expert who has over 30 years of experience caring for tens of thousands of patients who were seeking ways to control their thyroid symptoms, lose weight, and beat depression. All Arem Nutritionals products are made up of the highest quality ingredients and are made available at the most affordable price. For more information about the thyroid or Dr. Arem's mind-body program, visit www.thyroidwellness.com.

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What our customers have to say:

I lost weight by using the supplement. When I don't use it, I feel myself beginning to gain. I felt good when I had lost the weight and would like to continue taking the supplements. I never had thyroid problems but it worked whatever my problem was.

- Mary James

Check out Dr. Arem’s Optima thyroid supplements. There are some ingredients that are very specific to thyroid health. I can actually tell the difference when I go off of them for a short while. This is a great product to give your body the boost thyroid patients need.

- Dinah Kelly

Being a thyroid patient who is intolerant to gluten, soy, AND DAIRY, I was pleased to find supplements that could give my thyroid and immune system the support they needed while being GLUTEN-FREE and SOY-FREE. The ThyroLife Probiotic 7-7 contains milk so I'm taking the Ultimate Flora one instead but have settled for the Optima and Omega. Great products!!!

- TJ

I was VERY VERY skeptical about these thyrolife supplements at first. Last time I took supplements for thyroid support I quickly went from hypo to hyper and was overwhelmed with anxiety and could not sleep. My life was a mess.It turned out what I was taking was laced with pig thyroid hormones... Dr. Arem designed his supplements for his patients and although I've never met him, I've heard great things.After taking a leap of faith with Dr. Arem's products, my immune system is much calmer and TSH stabilized.These are high quality products that anybody with thyroid autoimmunity should take!

- JC

This supplement has changed my life!!! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I was put on thyroid hormone replacement. I felt good but I still suffered from brain fog, anxiety, depression and a bit of fatigue. I added this supplement back in Dec of 2014. I got all my energy back, no more lingering brain fog, anxiety or depression!!! I feel great! I am grateful for Dr. Arem's treatment and thyroid supplement program.