Our Mission

To provide high quality and well-balanced products that are specifically geared towards the needs of thyroid patients so they can achieve and maintain optimal thyroid wellness along with a healthy metabolism.

About Arem Nutritionals

Arem Nutritionals, which specializes in providing the fundamental needs of thyroid patients through supplements and food products, was founded in 2007 and, since then, has been committed to providing the highest quality products at the lowest price available to the public.

After conducting extensive research, Dr. Arem realized that there was an absence of well-balanced, comprehensive, and safe supplements for people suffering from thyroid disease. Many are either imbalanced, incomplete, or contain ingredients in excess or suboptimal amounts. This is what prompted Dr. Arem to design a line of products compatible with his thyroid program in order to enhance the quality of life of thyroid patients by meeting the needs of their immune system, which is often the root of thyroid disease. Because thyroid disease is genetic, our products are highly recommended for thyroid patients’ family members.Your metabolism is finely regulated by thyroid hormone so not only will thyroid patients benefit from Dr. Arem's supplements, but people with a properly functioning thyroid gland as well. 

Based on the concepts of his effective diet plan, the Protein Boost Diet, Dr. Arem also designed food products that fulfill the fundamentals of his diet in order to help thyroid patients reach their optimal weight and wellness goals.

For more information on the thyroid or Dr.Arem, visit www.thyroidwellness.com.