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​Dr. Arem’s Top Three Supplement Recommendations for Thyroid Patients and Their Families

Dr. Arem’s Top Three Supplement Recommendations for Thyroid Patients and Their Family Members

Thyrolife Optima – Thyrolife Optima is the ultimate thyroid enhancing supplement that has been designed to support your immune system. Dr. Arem formulated Thyrolife Optima to provide thyroid patients a comprehensive mix of ingredients that are crucial for thyroid and immune system health. Most thyroid patients have autoimmunity meaning the immune system is producing inflammation chemicals to attack the thyroid gland. That being said, anybody will benefit from this multivitamin and antioxidant mix. The composition of ThyroLife Optima is great for speeding up metabolism and will help with weight loss if you follow the Protein Boost Diet. Thyrolife Optima does not contain any calcium or iron because these two ingredients interfere with thyroid hormone absorption. If you need iron or calcium supplements, simply take those at lunch and dinner time!

Thyrolife Optima - The #1 Thyroid and Multivitamin Supplement

Probiotic 7-7– Dr. Arem’s probiotic is unlike any other on the market. Probiotic 7-7 contains 7 strains of special bacteria (most probiotics contain only 1 to 3) that reduce inflammation in your GI tract. Research has proven that probiotics are essential for immune system support and provide tremendous health and weight loss benefits. So even if you do not have GI symptoms, probiotics should be part of your daily supplement regimen whether you are a thyroid patient struggling with weight issues or not. Probiotic 7-7 does not need to be refrigerated!

Immune System Supplement

Thyrolife Omega – All fish oil capsules are not created equal. It is essential to have the proper amounts and ratio of EPA and DHA (3:2). Dr. Arem includes omega-3 in his top recommendations because of its cardiovascular benefits, anti-inflammatory properties, and cognitive benefits.