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Protein Boost Diet - The Innovative Weight Loss Program

Protein Boost Diet – The Innovative Weight Loss Program

It’s hard to find a diet book that provides a completely science-based weight loss program that focuses on metabolism boosting hormones for healthy and successful weight loss. Dr. Ridha Arem has successfully addressed weight loss as a complete and optimal health program. Many people have followed his Protein Boost Diet concepts and were able to lose their unwanted pounds. The fundamentals of the Protein Boost Diet eating plan are high protein, high fiber, low glycemic, immune system friendly, and low in saturated fats. Below is a list of points describing how the Protein Boost Diet supports healthy weight loss.

  • It’s immune-system-friendly (low in saturated fat, high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat) and makes you less susceptible to an autoimmune attack. This is vital because thyroid imbalance is often the result of an immune system attack on the thyroid. Many cases of growth hormone deficiency are also related to an immune system attack on the pituitary gland. The best way to prevent an autoimmune disorder is to follow a diet that supports your immune system and bolster thyroid and pituitary function.
  • You’ll be eating plenty of proteins containing the right amino acids needed for growth hormone production, immune system function, and thyroid hormone manufacturing and efficiency.
  • Dr. Arem’s innovative 20/10 exercise program – along with relaxation techniques, good sleep, and eating in sync with your central clock – makes the thyroid and growth hormone systems work at their peak for optimal metabolism Click here to see Dr. Arem's 20/10 Exercise Program Video
  • The low-glycemic, multiprotein meal combinations are ideal for leptin efficiency. When you achieve peak leptin sensitivity, your thyroid and growth hormone activity heighten as well as your metabolism.
  • Your eating schedule calls for lower-glycemic foods at dinner, ensuring that your insulin levels remain low throughout the night. You want less insulin in your system because it makes your body store fat, whereas growth hormone produced in higher amounts while you sleep encourages your body to burn fat and build muscle. This approach sets you up for the best insulin/growth hormone balance for boosting metabolism.

The Protein Boost Diet is the only program that emphasizes the importance of proper micronutrients and amino acids necessary for every metabolic function. These includes iodine, selenium, and zinc for thyroid hormone manufacturing and arginine for growth hormone production.

Learn more about The Protein Boost Diet by clicking here