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Raspberry Ketones for a Body Slim Boost

Weight loss through diet and exercise alone can be complicated and disheartening, especially for thyroid patients, so an extra natural boost can make a difference in some people’s lives. These days, many people, including thyroid patients, look towards natural herbal supplementation to help with naturally boosting their metabolism and immune system. Among a few that have caught our attention are raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones benefits include, among others, helping the suppression of the insistent feeling of hunger throughout the day, aiding in efforts to eat less and reduce your waistline.

Research has also shown that raspberry ketones can help you speed up your metabolism. A study was conducted by Park KS where raspberry ketones were mixed with isolated fat cells from rats in a test tube and two major effects were seen. First of all, an increase in the levels of adiponectin, a hormone that promotes fat burn and that is crucial for optimal sugar and fat metabolism, was observed. Secondly, an increase in cell sensitivity to norepinephrine, a hormone responsible for fat burn, which leads to an increase in fat breakdown, was observed. In essence, raspberry ketones seem to have the ability to speed up metabolism and promote weight loss.

Additionally, raspberry ketones act as great antioxidants, which is extremely important for thyroid patients as autoimmune disorders are at the root cause of over 90% of all thyroid issues in the United States. There are many great supplements with raspberry ketones on the market. Among them, we recommend Body Slim Mediterranean, a safe weight loss supplement, which contains a proprietary blend of high quality ingredients including Relora and Garcinia Cambogia, that helps speed up your metabolism while reducing food cravings and stress-induced eating. It is part of the unique line of supplements for thyroid wellness designed by Dr. Ridha Arem, Houston endocrinologist, world renowned thyroid specialist, and author of The Thyroid Solution.

Browse your selection of thyroid products designed by Dr. Arem. To learn more about Dr. Arem and thyroid wellness, visit www.aremwellness.com