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Thyroid Dysfunction And Depression

Thyroid Dysfunction and Depression

Depression can be debilitating, invading every corner of a person’s life and often requiring medical treatment. Unfortunately, symptoms of thyroid problems often include depression. Fortunately, this means that depression treatment does not necessarily require antidepressants, saving you from their potential side effects. Indeed, balancing thyroid T3 T4 levels can be the perfect remedy for lifting depression.

Balancing hormones can alleviate depression symptoms but be aware that a diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction doesn’t necessarily equate to a diagnosis of clinical depression! A thyroid disorder and clinical depression may occasionally be present at the same time. According to a recent clinical study, there’s an association between thyroid peroxidase antibodies and mental disorders including depression, bipolar disorder, etc… Therefore, a complication of thyroid imbalance can be an additional sign of depression.

So what should I do if I still feel this way even after I’ve taken care of my thyroid hormone imbalance?

Exercise regularly

Exercise sends endorphins to the brain, which elevates mood. Exercise also has many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure. Exercise doesn’t have to be intense or excessive. It can be as simple as walking your pet for an hour three times a week or performing Tai Chi every other day. Low impact exercise regimens like tai chi and swimming can be fun and relaxing, boosting spirits and promoting a healthy body. Exercising regularly also makes it harder to relapse into depression. Achieving mind-body wellness should be your primary goal when addressing thyroid dysfunction, depression, and other symptoms of thyroid problems.

Practice Yoga

More and more research is demonstrating that relaxation techniques such as Yoga can be extremely beneficial for fighting depression. In one research study, women who had been experiencing significant levels of depression, stress, and anxiety were asked to perform yoga for an hour and a half, twice a week, for three months. At the end of those three months, the women reported feeling much less anxiety, stress, depression, along with much more energy and feelings of wellbeing.

Be on top of your nutrition game

Often times, the onset of mood changes associated with depression can be decreased with a balanced intake of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in several common foods: Beef liver, mackerel, sardines, etc… If fish is not to your liking, consider high quality thyroid support supplements as they are a good option for getting vitamin B12 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Thyroid specialist Dr. Ridha Arem, recognizes the importance of B12 and Omega-3 fatty acids as strong promoters of thyroid health and general mind-body wellness; this is why he has created ThyroLife Optima and ThyroLife Omega, among other thyroid wellness supplements, in order to provide his patients, and everybody else, with complete support for their thyroid and body.

If you’re experiencing depression and you have a thyroid disorder, get your thyroid levels checked to examine if the problem is related to a thyroid imbalance. Don’t forget the importance of essential nutrients and exercise as they do more than just impact the body, they heal the mind. Diet and exercise have been known to treat symptoms of depression and thyroid imbalance, making them essential parts of what we like to call “the ultimate thyroid helper”. 

To learn more about thyroid specialist Dr. Ridha Arem and his other thyroid supplements for weight loss and thyroid wellness, click here.