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Thyroid Wellness Package



For many thyroid patients, thyroid medication alone is not enough to achieve optimal thyroid wellness. Indeed, thyroid disease is often the result of an attack of the thyroid gland by the immune system, causing inflammation and thyroid dysfunction.

Dr. Arem's thyroid supplement program is designed to:

  • Help reduce immune system reactivity
  • Provide the necessary micronutrients for the thyroid gland to function optimally
  • To help reduce body inflammation and enhance thyroid hormone efficiency in the cell

Package content:


Recommended Daily Supplement Schedule:


3 capsules of ThyroLife Probiotic 7-7 - Right after breakfast
3 capsules of ThyroLife Optima - Right after breakfast
2 soft gels of ThyroLife Omega - Right after breakfast


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not take more than 3 capsules of ThyroLife Optima daily. 

Recommended for ThyroLife Liquid D3 - Take one dropper once a week.

Amazing Products!
Posted 30th Nov 2015 by Sonya Kauffman

What can I say except for I feel so much better from taking thse products along with my doctors appointments with Dr. Arem! He is AMAZING! Thank you Dr. Arem and his wonderful staff for everything!

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Thyroid Wellness Package